Do You Have An Aging In Place File?

By Laurie and Chris Kemp, CSAs

How To Make A Senior Fair Payoff

Aging in Place File System Twin Cities MNA senior fair is a great place to get pens, paper and candy, but that is not really what you want to get out of it. You want to use it as a place to get information that you may need down the road. A senior fair will include vendors such as:

  • Home care
  • Senior movers
  • Elder law attorneys
  • Housing referral services
  • County and veterans agencies
  • Senior Housing Communities

Gather their materials and understand what services they provide.

Collect Information For Your Plan B

We all want to stay in our homes but sometimes that may not be possible. Collect information that you might need if you do have to move to an assisted living or memory care. Choice Connections can be your one stop shop for finding the right community. Choice Connections can make sure you look only at places that meet your needs and preferences and fit your financial situation.  Even if you hope not to move, organizing information for a “Plan B” is a positive thing.

Create An Aging In Place File

After attending a senior fair you will have many brochures, folders and cards.

Create a file folder to organize the materials you have collected. Include the Choice Connections information in case you need to find a new home. In this same file you might also keep important information for your Power of Attorney. This might include the actual Power of Attorney document and where your accounts are so that they can pay your bills.  And your Health Care Directive.

Finally, you must tell your family member(s) or Power of Attorney and Health Care Agent where this file is. Remind them at least once a year where it is. Every time you go to a senior fair you can go through the file and update it.



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