Aging Parents: When do You Express Concern?

Senior Assisted Living Facilities Services Twin Cities MNHaving my 85 year old mother living with me these last couple weeks has me asking myself, should I insist she see a geriatrician  while she is here or do I trust that her doctor says she is ok?

As our parents age, it’s tough to know when and how to get involved in their care.  Often they aren’t interested in going to more doctors and they feel that the issues they have are part of getting older.    If they are satisfied with their quality of life is it your duty to push them  when you know their quality of life can be improved?

I am still wrestling with this myself as a daughter who loves and respects her mother.     I do know that  if my mother were not safe, I would be much more insistent than I am today.    She isn’t at risk of falling, or leaving the stove on and I know she’s eating well (at least while she is with me).   When a senior or elder love one isn’t safe, than you have to get involved to ensure that they are safe.

This can be a struggle as I’ve witnessed in families and there can be so much guilt of the caregiver.       For caregivers, they need to have resources and support.  There needs to be a team of folks helping and advising with your loved one’s care.  That doesn’t always make the decisions and actions needing to be taken less difficult but it does give more support and confidence to the caregiver and also more support to the elder who is experiencing the changes.



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