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Senior Citizen Elderly Quality Aging Workbook Guide Twin Cities MN Journeywell: A Guide to Quality Aging By Trish Herbert Trish is a local author that has worked with older adults for many years as a psychologist with a specialty in gerontology. I have not yet gone through this workbook in detail as I write this yet in meeting Trish today I thought it sounded like […] Continue reading →

Recommended Reading

Balance Your Conflict Book Dr. Jody Janeti Twin Cities MN Balance Your Conflict – By Dr. Jody Janati Another speaker at the Fall Aging Conference was Dr. Jody Janati. Her talk was on “Protecting Yourself From Control Dramas.”  You can learn more about her thoughts on managing and avoiding conflicts in her book “Balance Your Conflict.” It offers ways to respond to and defuse tense situations. […] Continue reading →

Specialty Senior Housing?

Specialty Senior Housing and LGBT Communities Twin Cities MN By Chris and Laurie Kemp At the recent Fall Aging Conference the final speaker was Andrew Carle. He talked about current innovations in senior housing and supportive technologies. Here we focus on the housing part of his presentation. There are many concerns about the aging of the Baby Boom Generation. The number of people over […] Continue reading →

Recommended Reading

Preventing Osteoporosis Information Twin Cities MN Your Bones: How You Can Prevent Osteoporosis and Have Strong Bones for Life – Naturally by Laura Pizzorno With Halloween around the corner and skeleton pictures in display, a book that came to mind is about taking care of our bones. Because falls and bone cracks and breaks cause many seniors to leave their homes, it’s […] Continue reading →