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Seniorwriting Journaling Memories Experiences Self Publishing Twin Cities MN Seniorwriting: A Brief Guide for Seniors Who Want to Write By Marlys Marshall Styne <img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-585" alt="Seniorwriting Journaling Memories Experiences Self Publishing Twin Cities MN" src="http://agewiseassisted.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/seniorwriting-how-to-write-keep-record-journaling-twin-cities-mn-cover-195×300 click here for more info.png” width=”195″ height=”300″ srcset=”http://agewiseassisted.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/seniorwriting-how-to-write-keep-record-journaling-twin-cities-mn-cover-195×300.png 195w, http://agewiseassisted.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/seniorwriting-how-to-write-keep-record-journaling-twin-cities-mn-cover.png 223w” sizes=”(max-width: 195px) 100vw, 195px” />In looking for our next read we came across this book. If […] Continue reading →

Be Heart Healthy!

Elderly Exercise for Healthy Heart Twin Cities MN By Chris & Laurie Kemp February is American Heart Month. You can celebrate by taking some steps to improve your own heart health. According to the National Institute of Health there are many things you can do. Here are just a few: Exercise regularly Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables Maintain a healthy weight […] Continue reading →

Women and Heart Health

Elderly Heart Health Care Information Twin Cities MN By Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA You have probably heard the stats on women and cardiovascular disease(CVD).    It is the number one leading cause of death in women in the U.S.  More women die from heart disease than men.  398,035 deaths in American women are caused by CVD each year and 53,140 women die each year […] Continue reading →

Recommended Reading

AARP Book The Other Talk by Tim Prosch Elderly Care Education The Other Talk: A Guide to Talking with Your Adult Children About the Rest of Your Life by Tim Prosch The Other Talk is written for those who want to have a guide for talking to their children about their last years. This is a subject people aren’t comfortable talking about…just as that talk with […] Continue reading →

Recommended Reading

Caregiver Education Information Wear Comfortable Shoes Twin Cities MN Wear Comfortable Shoes: Surviving and Thriving As a Caregiver By Peter W. Rosenberger As a caregiver himself, Peter Rosenberger in his book is equipping others to bring their “A-Game” to the brutal challenges of caregiving. Recognizing that most caregivers abruptly start their journey with little or no training- or warning, Peter offers “just in time” […] Continue reading →