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How to Prevent Falls Book Education Dr. Betty Perkins Carpenter
How To Prevent Falls: Better Balance, Independence and Energy in 6 Simple Steps By PH.D. Betty Perkins Carpenter This book is written in a simple format. It explains how you can reduce falls, and helps you improve your balance. The author is an expert in fitness and hold workshops for medical professionals, health organizations and […]
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March is Social Worker Month

Elder Care Social Worker Information Twin Cities MN
March is Social Worker Month “All People Matter” is the theme that The National Association of Social Workers is promoting for March which is Social Workers month. The American social work profession has a history of 116-years committed to improving social conditions and quality of life opportunities for everyone.  Social workers across the globe believe […]
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Common Vitamin Deficiencies in Seniors

Elder Care Housing Choices Twin Cities MN
Common Vitamin Deficiencies in Seniors written by Valerie Michel Buck It’s a common fact that most American do not eat a well balance diet and that fact is ever more widespread in seniors. Mild vitamin deficiencies are common amongst senior and can cause Anemia, cognitive impairment, and increased propensity for developing infections, and poor wound healing […]
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Recommended Reading: How We Age

Recommended Reading from Choice Connections of MN How We Age: A Doctor’s Journey into the Heart of Growing Old by Marc Agronin A young doctor’s reflections on his experiences as a nursing-home psychiatrist—and the remarkable stories of vitality, connection, and growth that transformed his view of aging In the tradition of Atul Gawande and Sherwin […]
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Increase Your Chances of Avoiding a Heart Attack: Advice for your loved one in Assisted Living

Elder Care Heart Health Education Twin Cities MN
Increase Your Chances of Avoiding a Heart Attack: Advice for your loved one in Assisted Living Last month, a report by the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology recommended extending statin drugs to a wider pool of people to prevent heart attacks as well as strokes. Previously, a high cholesterol level was the […]
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