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Loneliness and It’s Link to Health

Coping With Loneliness Senior Elderly Assisted Living Housing Twin Cities MN
By Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA It’s been known for years that loneliness harms your health. Persistent loneliness is being linked to a growing list of health problems, including insomnia, cardiovascular disease, depression and Alzheimer’s disease.New research has proven that feeling extreme loneliness can increase an older person’s chances of premature death by 14 percent, according […]
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Your Most Important Legacy

Senior Elderly Assisted Living Housing Twin Cities MN
By Chris and Laurie Kemp We are now in the middle of “What will be your legacy” month. Most people think of leaving a legacy as leaving money. But leaving a legacy for your family is much more than leaving cash. What family members treasure most are the memories and family stories. That is what […]
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Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading Elder Care Education Twin Cities MN Jolene Brakley
Creating Moments of Joy: A Journal for Caregivers (Fourth Addition)  by Jolene Brackey This is a must read for families who have loved ones with Alzheimers. Jolene gives us such sensible answers about the mysteries of this disease and helps us to realize where our Alzheimer patients are coming from and how we can calm […]
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Recommended Reading: My Voice, My Choice

Twin Cities MN Senior Care Advice Book Recommended Reading
My Voice, My Choice A Practical Guide to Writing a Meaningful Healthcare Directive by Anne Elizabeth Denny This book is written by a local resident of the Twin Cities who’s worked within the health care industry for 16 years and also journeyed with her mother through Alzheimer’s for twenty years. My Voice, My Choice explains […]
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