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Coping as a Family

Fighting the 3 Plagues

Elderly Senior Citizen Care Education Twin Cities MN By Chris and Laurie Kemp, CSAs In “Being Mortal, our recommended book last month, Atul Gawande tells the story of Bill Thomas. Thomas was a first time administrator at a nursing home. After a short time of observation he decided the three things he needed to do to most help residents were to help them […] Continue reading →

Recommended Reading

Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in The End By Dr. Atul Gawande Given that this well-known speaker is presenting at The River Center in St. Paul on September 18th, this seemed like a good book to highlight this month.   This event is already sold out which speaks to the interest in this topic. Dr. […] Continue reading →

Recommended Reading

Don't Toss My Memories In The Trash Book Twin Cities MN Don’t Toss My Memories In The Trash: A Step-By-Step Guide to Helping Seniors Downsize, Organize and Move By Vickie Dellaquila This book is written by a certified professional organizer. Her expertise, caring nature and experience comes through as she gives tips and strategies for successfully downsizing and moving. Her stories and step by step suggestions […] Continue reading →

Recommended Reading

A Complete Guide to Understanding and Living with COPD: from a COPDer’s Perspective by R. D. Martin A Complete Guide to Understanding and Living with COPD: from a COPDer’s Perspective by R. D. Martin My 88 year old mother is living with COPD. Typically you think of smokers having this diagnosis but in the case of my mom, she never smoked a day in her life. When there is more humidity or […] Continue reading →

Recommended Reading

Changing the Way We Die by Fran Smith and Sheila Himmel Have you known someone that has used hospice, were glad they did or maybe wished they knew more about it sooner? Choosing how we die, where we die, and who is with us when we die can be a choice. Hospice can help in […] Continue reading →

Why Choosing Hospice Care Improves Life and Death

Senior Elderly Hospice Care Twin Cities MN By Anne E. Denny Hospice is a mission driven approach to caring for the dying that: Embraces what is possible even while experiencing limitations from a disease. Values and respects the individual’s choices, heritage and traditions. Honors the whole person by attending to physical, emotional, relational and spiritual well-being. Cares for family members, recognizing the […] Continue reading →

Life Long Traveling

Senior Care Travel Safety Education Twin Cities MN By Chris and Laurie Kemp, CSAs Do you like to travel but you are worried about traveling alone? These days there is no need to travel by your self! There are ways to travel with a group that are safe and fun. A cruise can be one of the most cost efficient ways to travel […] Continue reading →

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Senior Elderly Health Education Information Twin Cities MN Laughter is the Best Medicine by Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA Recently my church had a Senior Luncheon and the program was titled “Laughter is the Best Medicine”. Our Parish Nurse presented on medication; management and pharmacology or intermixing of drugs and the most common side effects etc. Then we were led in laughter by a […] Continue reading →

Our Cups Runneth Over

Elderly Assisted Living What to do with Keepsakes Twin Cites MN Our Cups Runneth Over By Chris and Laurie Kemp We have lived in our house for 27 years. As we emptied many of the kitchen cabinets for some work that is being done, we discovered that we have collected over 100 coffee mugs. That number does not include the two boxes of cups we gave […] Continue reading →