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Does Senior Housing Allow Pets?

Does Senior Housing Allow Pets Twin Cities MN
By Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA In the last week I’ve been asked if senior housing allows pets several times so I thought there are probably a lot of people that wonder if senior housing options are pet friendly?  The simple answer is there aren’t many that don’t allow pets today.  The rules though are typically: […]
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Cataracts: Signs and Strategies

Catafacts Signs Strategies Twin Cities MN
By Chris and Laurie Kemp, CSAs August is Cataract Awareness Month. Researchers have not found a way to prevent cataracts, but doctors do offer some strategies for dealing with them. The Mayo Clinic website offers a wealth of information. Some of the most common signs of cataracts include: Blurry vision Difficulty seeing at night […]
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Family Heirlooms

Elderly Senior Citizens Cleaning Clutter Family Heirlooms Twin Cities MN
By Chris and Laurie Kemp, CSAs We have been sorting through the rooms of our house over the last year. We decided it was time to reduce some of the clutter and organize things. We know that someday our kids will have to go through this house when we are gone and decide what to […]
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Subsidized Housing Basics

Elderly Senior Citizens Twin Cities MN Subsidized Housing Basics
By Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA A past client emailed me recently to tell me she had moved into Lyngblomsten subsidized apartments.   I had talked to her in December 2014 and recommended via email various options she should call to get on a wait list.  She chose this campus as they have services in this location […]
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When a Loved One Dies

Coping With Death of a Loved One Twin Cities MN
By Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA Recently, my mother went to her eternal home. She was 90, her mind was strong but her frail body wore out. She had been on hospice for a few months and we thought she might graduate in March, but the Lord said it was time on April 19th. She went […]
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Staffing for Long Term Care

Staffing for Long Term Elderly Senior Care Twin Cities MN
By Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA Senior industry business owners and managers are challenged today to find enough staff to fill  all of their open care positions.    Demographics play a part in this as there are less people available for those jobs as well as the fact that these are lower paid positions and it is […]
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Never Too Old To Change

Never Too Old To Change Elderly Senior Citizens Diet Healthy Tips Twin Cities MN
By Chris and Laurie Kemp, CSAs We have passed 60 and have pretty well established habits. Change is something we like to encourage others to do, but of course we don’t want to change ourselves. But something must have been in the air this Spring. After hearing that some friends had been on something called […]
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