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Family Heirlooms

Elderly Senior Citizens Cleaning Clutter Family Heirlooms Twin Cities MN By Chris and Laurie Kemp, CSAs We have been sorting through the rooms of our house over the last year. We decided it was time to reduce some of the clutter and organize things. We know that someday our kids will have to go through this house when we are gone and decide what to […] Continue reading →

Caregivers Need A Break

Twin Cities MN Elderly Senior Citizens Caregivers Need a Break By Laurie and Chris Kemp, CSAs Being a caregiver can be physically and mentally exhausting. To be successful at it, one of your top priorities needs to be taking care of you. If you get sick or injured, you cannot do the caregiving that is needed. Here are some tools and strategies for taking care […] Continue reading →

Subsidized Housing Basics

Elderly Senior Citizens Twin Cities MN Subsidized Housing Basics By Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA A past client emailed me recently to tell me she had moved into Lyngblomsten subsidized apartments.   I had talked to her in December 2014 and recommended via email various options she should call to get on a wait list.  She chose this campus as they have services in this location […] Continue reading →

When a Loved One Dies

Coping With Death of a Loved One Twin Cities MN By Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA Recently, my mother went to her eternal home. She was 90, her mind was strong but her frail body wore out. She had been on hospice for a few months and we thought she might graduate in March, but the Lord said it was time on April 19th. She went […] Continue reading →

A FREE Economic Check-up!

Free Economic Checkup National Council on Aging Twin Cities MN By Chris Kemp The National Council on Aging has created a free economic check-up tool on their website that requires no personally identifying data. It is a great way to get a sense of where you stand financially and what resources might be available to you. You can do the full check-up or complete just […] Continue reading →