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Independent Living

Independent Living

Senior Elderly Independent Living Facilities Twin Cities MN The term Independent Living is used generally to promote senior apartment style living. If you are independent, the two important questions to ask are: Do you want to own or rent? Do you want to change communities or move again if you need assistance? Most of the clients that we work with prefer to rent […] Continue reading →

Senior Housing Options

Seniors Elderly Alzheimers Housing Assistance Care Facilities Twin Cities MN There are many types of communities called “Senior Housing.”  What a community is called does not give you a good understanding of what you might need or want.  Many communities will combine the housing types below into a single building or campus, thus providing some “continuum of care.” Our local experts will help you understand […] Continue reading →

About Choice Connections

Elderly Housing Options Senior Memory Care Living Facilities Twin Cities MN Choice Connections is an independently owned office located in the Twin City’s south east metro. It is a business that exists to help seniors and their families save time and prevent stress in finding a new home when where they are living is not the best choice. We offer a four step process to help […] Continue reading →