Choice Connections Celebrating 10 Years Serving the Twin Cities

By Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA

Choice Connections Celebrating 10 Years Serving the Twin Cities MNJanuary 7, 2009 was the day that Choice Connections started serving seniors and their families with senior housing advice. At the time, we were the only Placement and Referral service meeting face to face with clients in the Twin Cities. Our type of company was not known in the MN market.

When I started my business, the only people familiar with a model like Choice Connections were the senior living communities that had been working with A Place For Mom.     A Place for Mom has a very different model than Choice Connections.  I would repeatedly get the question, “Are you like A Place for Mom?”   I would always answer “yes and no.”

The Yes Answer

Yes, in that we are both paid a referral fee when we refer someone to a community, and they move in.  The community pays the referral fee. The client doesn’t usually pay me.

The No Answer

No, Choice Connections is VERY different in how we do the work of helping seniors and their families. First, that we are local, personalized in our approach, experts in the area, meeting with clients often in their home, and will do our best to help our clients tour the right options based on preferences, costs and care needs.    In other words, we are not just making referrals, we are helping clients find the ‘right place” for their loved one. Thus, OUR focus is more on finding the RIGHT placement than simply making a referral.

Today, there are two more Choice Connections offices in the metro area. Between us, we can help a client to find the “right place” no matter where in the metro they would like to locate.

We are all Certified Senior Advisers. In this month’s CSA Journal, there is an article on Placement and Referral by the president of the National Placement & Referral Alliance organization.  You can read  it here to learn even more about how the industry has changed.

Choice Connections is proud to be serving the Twin Cities and looks forward to many years of service in the future.   We plan to celebrate this milestone throughout the year so watch for more information.   We always appreciate our clients and partners helping us get the word out about our placement and referral expertise. Thank for your partnership over the last 10 years!



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