Making the Move of a Lifetime Gentle

By Diane Bjorkman, MTRS, Co-Owner Gentle Transitions

Coping With Helping Elderly Family Move Twin Cities MNAfter thirty-seven years of a career serving older adults, I continue to find that an older adult’s decision to move can carry with it an entire range of emotion. No matter how one comes to the decision to move, the factors and issues related to each move are unique. But at some point, inevitably, moving involves a feeling of being overwhelmed.

There are a number of aspects that make an older adult’s transition difficult; sifting through a home of many years, deciding what to do with possessions that are not going to the new residence (e.g. estate sale, consignment, charity, kids, online selling options, etc.), some health challenges that did not exist in the early years making the physical aspect daunting, plus the emotional aspect of leaving “the old neighborhood”, lifelong memories and the comfort of familiar turf.

Enter a fairly new but growing industry-senior move management. Due to the rising numbers of older adults and the increase of fabulous senior housing options, senior move management is a growing field that meets the needs of these individuals and lifts the details of the move by providing resources to accommodate each stage of the transition. Sorting, getting rid of unwanted items, packing, unpacking and resettling are the primary options that can make a daunting move much more seamless.

Gentle Transitions, (one of our networking partners) is very likely the longest operating senior move management in the country. They have served thousands of individuals and helped them navigate the “move journey” and make it much less stressful, lifting the details off client’s plate and onto their own. Senior Move Managers typically choose to work in this profession because of their passion for the older adult client they serve. Within a short period of time, senior move managers can help create a lovely metamorphosis, making a new residence feel comfortable and inviting and allowing the client to focus on the important things like starting to live their new life, meet new friends and build a new sense of community.




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