What is the best option when a spouse has memory loss?

Seniors Spouse Memory Loss Elder Care Services Twin Cities MNI’m currently working with several couples where the spouse has Alzheimer’s.    Every  caregiver spouse has their own unique feeling, health and financial situation.   The good news is that there are good options available to choose from for someone with dementia today.   A decision to make first is whether the caregiver spouse wants to move with the spouse, or find good care for the spouse and remain in their home. There is no right or wrong answer to this decision.  And, once it’s made it can change as I’ve seen happen.    For some, they definitely want to remain living with the spouse as long as possible.  For others, placing their spouse in a excellent memory care home is the best option.

For one couple I worked with they knew they wanted to stay together.  They were able to find a senior community where they had one apartment but the spouse with memory loss went to the memory care area for a period of the day.  That was the right answer for them.

For another couple, he knew his health wasn’t going to hold out and he didn’t want to have something happen to him and his wife not be able to notify anyone or take care of herself.  He also wasn’t ready to give up the home so for him he chose a place that was close by where could visit every day.

Many times I find that couples wait to long to make a decision on a move.  Care giving takes a toll and the sooner in the disease they identify a plan, set milestones,  and ask their support group of friends and family to help them execute the plan, the better.



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