Does Senior Housing Allow Pets?

Does Senior Housing Allow Pets Twin Cities MNBy Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA

In the last week I’ve been asked if senior housing allows pets several times so I thought there are probably a lot of people that wonder if senior housing options are pet friendly?  The simple answer is there aren’t many that don’t allow pets today.  The rules though are typically:

  • Under 20-30 pounds
  • Well behaved pets
  • And you need to be able to care for them yourself.

There have been two times in my many years in helping find senior housing that the care staff also cared for the pet.   If a pet is part of your loved one’s life and important to their well-being, it is worth asking if they will help you care for the pet.    Often the answer will be no but unless you ask you don’t know.

Just like any apartment that is rented, there is a pet deposit.  This amount is between $300-$500.  One option recently toured required a $1000 pet deposit.    And some options are going to add a small amount onto your monthly rent to have a pet, $20-$50 a month.   This may be the case in any age rental situation because of the damage a pet can do.

And if a pet is needed for medical reasons and a Doctor prescribes a pet for your mental health, according to ADA regulations, rental units need to accept the pet.

There is a question to ask if your elderly loved one is prone to falls or has poor eyesight.  Will the pet be a hazard to your elderly loved one?  If that is the case, you may be best to have the pet visit but not live with your loved one or go to  and order a pet that seems pretty real.



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