Respite or “Short Term” Stays

By Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA

Elderly Caregivers Respite Short Term Stays Twin Cities MNA respite stay is a short term stay to relieve the caregiver. It may be needed due to travel/vacation plans or an upcoming surgery of the caregiver. Often it is for a loved one with memory loss but it doesn’t need to be. It can be for days, or weeks or up to a month. Because it is short term in nature, you need furniture provided. And due to that fact, the price can be higher than it would be if you were furnishing the unit.

Length of stay: Many options that provide respite have a two week or month minimum stay requirement. They are investing staff time to take care of your loved one and feel a shorter time is difficult for the person staying and for their staff as well. You can find shorter stay minimums, as little as 2 days, in a newer community where they are still trying to fill.

Type of setting: Typically, respite is provided in assisted living or memory care communities. Sometimes a residential home will be willing to take someone for several weeks or a month if they have an opening. This is more difficult to find given the timing needs to work with a small setting of only 6 residents. Skilled nursing homes can also provide a respite if you call ahead with dates.

Costs: Plan to spend approximately $175 – $275 a day for a respite stay. Long term care insurance often will pay for a respite stay up to 30 days a year. If you have long term care insurance check your contract language. You are paying for this coverage so why not use this benefit?

Caregiving is difficult and a break once or twice a year is beneficial to emotional and physical health. And it allows you to try out a community to see if it may be the best place for a loved one if a permanent placement is needed down the road. Call Choice Connections if you are interested in respite stay. We’ll be happy to locate an option that has availability and is a good fit for your loved one.



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