Get Away From Winter!  Cruise Alone or Bring A Friend

Elderly Senior Citizens Cruise Vacation Information Twin Cities MNBy Chris and Laurie Kemp, CSAs

It’s COLD! We have always loved winter. We will never move away from beauty of the changing seasons. This does not mean we don’t like to escape from the cold once in a while. Taking a cruise is one way we have done this. We have now done it five times and each was very different.


A cruise can be one of the most economical ways to get away from the winter cold. I just found 21 cruises in the Caribbean this month that cost from $49-$97 per night per person for an inside state room. That includes all meals and entertainment. If you want a window it will cost you between $60-$120 per person. If you want a balcony it will be more. Solo travelers watch out for single supplement charges, and read below.

Traveling Solo

Many cruise lines will charge a hefty single supplement that might double the price. However, now some cruise lines, like Norwegian, are offering single cabins on some of their ships. Their newer ships even have a Solo Traveler Only Lounge. On our last cruise I am not sure if there were single cabins, but every night there was a gathering for solo travelers listed in activities. Check this article at for a list of many of the solo cruise line options.

What If I Have A Wheelchair or Limited Mobility?

Cruise ships cruising in US waters are ADA compliant. Some cruise lines are better than other and some ships are better than others. The best have a specific access officer as well as a specific crew member that is assigned to you in case of emergencies. Again Cruise Critic,

can be a good source of information on which cruise lines and ships do the best job. The one area that you might find limitations are when you are in port. If you want to take a shore excursion, you first must check whether the ship will dock or if you have to take a smaller boat (called a tender) to get ashore. A tender and a wheelchair do not work well together. If you sign up for a shore excursion, be sure the provider can accommodate your type of wheelchair and that the site you are going to see can accommodate it.

Just Stay Onboard And Enjoy The Warmth

If your primary goal is just to go someplace warm, then reserve your inside room and go up to the pool deck everyday with your favorite book. You are on a cruise. It is okay to just sit and read. Remember it is 3 degrees back in Minnesota and it is 83 degrees where you are. Enjoy!



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