Nutrition: A Benefit of Senior Housing

Elderly Senior Citizens Housing Nutrition Information Education Twin Cities MNBy Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA

One of the three benefits to living in senior housing is nutrition.  As we age, things don’t taste as well as they used to, and we don’t have the appetite often either.  Drinking enough fluids can also be a challenge. When living alone, eating properly may also be impacted by the ability to see, to smell and move about.

Research has shown, and I have seen from my own work with families, that when an older adult moves into a congregate living option, they not only are eating better, they are drinking more fluids because they are available.  Not only does nutrition improve, seniors appreciate the benefit of eating with other people and the socialization, a second big benefit to living in senior housing.

Today more and more people have restrictive diets. Salt is typically a focus but salt shakers are typically on the tables.    Not all options can accommodate a gluten free or dairy free diet, but more and more are making it a priority. Why?  Because of nutrition and because meals can be one of the most social, beneficial and enjoyable parts of your loved one’s day.     What is the third benefit of living in senior housing you ask?     Fitness.  We’ll talk about that in another issue of The Choice Voice.

If you want help in finding the best option for your loved one and food is important in your choice, please contact Choice Connections. All places are different even in when they serve the meals and how long their restaurants/dining halls are open during the day.



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