Subsidized Housing Basics

By Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA

Elderly Senior Citizens Twin Cities MN Subsidized Housing BasicsA past client emailed me recently to tell me she had moved into Lyngblomsten subsidized apartments.   I had talked to her in December 2014 and recommended via email various options she should call to get on a wait list.  She chose this campus as they have services in this location should she need them.  It took her over 2 years on the waitlist but she loves the community she is in.    She planned ahead!

Choice Connections is not able to do much when people need HUD/Subsidized housing.   There are closed wait lists and the ones that are open will have at least a year to two year wait list if not more.  You need to fill out their application and prove income.

Is subsidized housing something you or your loved one may need?   For MN, the income guidelines are currently:

Number of people in HH Very Low Extremely Low
One $31,650 $19,000
Two $36,200 $21,700

If you have a home and/or assets, then you can afford to pay market rate for senior living.   You still may want to wait list for subsidized housing to conserve assets.  Typically, two percent of your assets to your income.     And pick a building that has services where you can age in place such as the Lyngblomsten or Sholom campus two name two in St. Paul.

If you or your loved one has little assets, put them on the waitlist.   In Dakota County, the CDA building have income limits, no services, but a nice building until it’s time to go someplace that can provide care.  For info on Dakota County CDA go here.  For more information about HUD housing in MN go to this website.



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