Residential Homes: A Great Alternative to a Nursing Home

Seniors Elder Care Residential Homes Facilities Twin Cities MNRecently a client’s mother moved from a  care center or nursing home to a residential home. The client wanted to look at options a month or so ago as he was unhappy with the care in the center and also the small rooms and the likelihood that his mom would need to share a room when she moved from short term care (rehabilitation) to long term care.   I met with the client to understand her needs which were quite great.  I recommended several options where they could provide a high level of care: an assisted living that had a care suite, as well as an assisted living known for their high level of care in a small environment of 12 as well as a residential home.

All of these options were about the same price as she would have paid in the care center which they were told initially was $8,700.      This price tag became more like $7,500 after medicare picked up some continuing wound care.  The choice came down to availability and best care option when the medicare 100 days were up. By looking at some options there were very good options to consider.

Most people don’t know there are great alternatives to a care center or nursing home available.    With rations of 1 to 10-15 in a nursing home and ratios of 1 to 5 in a residential home why would you settle for a care center?   If you would like to know more about residential homes in the Twin Cities areas or other options that can provide the level of care needed, call or e-mail.  We are happy to advise.



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