Enrollment Now Through December 7th

Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA

Have you or your parent been receiving a lot of mail from health insurance plans, advantage plans, or drug plans?  It’s that time of year when medical plans should be scrutinized to make sure you have the best price for value you are receiving (assuming you don’t have coverage through an employer).  Also make sure your doctors/specialists are in the plan’s network.

You may think that you can just stay on the same plan as you currently have but know that it may be your advantage to change your plan.  My 89-year-old mother saved several hundred dollars a year by reviewing and changing her plan.  If you have an Advantage plan, generally these include Part D the drug coverage.   If you have a stand-alone drug plan, these especially should be reviewed to make sure you have the best value for the cost.

If you need help reviewing, you can call the Senior Linkage line for help at 1-800-333-2433.     If you are tech savvy you can go online at Medicare.gov.  There is a lot of information there, may be too much.  You can also call your current provider and ask them what has changed. If you want a personalized health insurance advisor, they are out there.  I’d recommend you talk to an independent agent not one working for just one company but one who can shop various companies and help you compare value and price.   If you’d like a recommendation on who to work with, give me a call at Choice Connections and I’ll connect you with a trusted agent.



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