Keeping a Loved One at Home… but Where is Home?

By Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA

Help Finding a Home for Elderly Parents Senior Citizens Twin Cities MNMany seniors today think that if they can’t remain in their “home”, their only option is a skilled nursing facility or care center. They don’t realize their options include independent living communities, assisted living communities, memory care communities, Continuous Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) or continuum of care communities where you can age in place. In the Twin Cities and its surrounding area, there are now hundreds of choices of communal living solutions that offer many advantages to staying in the original family “home”.

For many seniors, they can successfully live out their lives in the home they bought when they were young and where they raised their families. Home care is a more accepted and available option than 5-10 years ago. Yet, it can’t solve all the problems if the home is not navigable with a wheelchair or walker due to steps and narrow doorways. And if a person is by themselves and a fall risk, paying for 24/7 home care can run over $10,000 a month, much more than move to a community where they have daily “I’m ok checks”. So maybe we should look more closely at what is called home.

Home is a feeling. For anyone that has moved, we know it takes some time to create “home”. It may take a change of seasons often to feel at home in a new place. It’s also the favorite chair and the grandfather clock or the curio with all those collectibles that make a place a home. It’s the memories associate with some of our possessions that make it feel comfortable too. Those things can be in a new space that will make a senior living option feel like “home”.

Our goal at Choice Connections is to make the process of finding the right “home” simple and easy, and to find the option where their new “home” is appropriate for the rest of their lives. Whether your loved ones are still very independent or would benefit from social activities, medication management and not having to drive in the winter to see friends, there are many options available to them.

Call us today so we will help you understand the different types of senior communities available for your family. Then we will help you determine which one is the perfect fit!



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