Our Senior Housing Advisory Service Needed for Families Dealing with Dementia

Seniors Elderly Alzheimers Housing Assistance Care Facilities Twin Cities MN I attended the Meeting of the Minds conference that is put on annually by the Alzheimer’s Association in partnership with Mayo Clinic. There were excellent presenters that are helping caregivers, those with memory loss themselves as well as professionals serving seniors like Choice Connections learn more to slow down and cope with the disease.

As I talked to families and told them about Choice Connections services of helping families narrow their choices to the best options when living at home wasn’t the best choice, a typical comment was, ‘that is a very helpful service, I’m glad to know you exist’ or sometimes I would hear, ‘I wish I knew of you a couple years ago.’

Families are so amazing in how they help their loved ones. They have so much they are dealing with and they appreciate knowing there are services to help them like Choice Connections.



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