How Large Is An Assisted Living Apartment?

By Laurie and Chris Kemp, CSAs

Elderly Assisted Living Home Burnsville MNThere are over 300 assisted living communities in the metro area. The apartments vary widely in size, shape and amenities. Assisted living apartments generally include meals, so you can find apartments both with and without kitchens. Assisted living also usually includes some laundry done for you, but you can find apartments with a washer and dryer included. The apartments in assisted living communities include studios, 1 bedroom, 1 bedroom plus den and 2 bedrooms. The larger units may have 1, 1.5 or 2 bathrooms.

When you look at the square footage of units there is also a wide range. Studios can run from 300 to 525 square feet. One bedrooms range from 458 to 984 square feet and two bedrooms can range from 671 to 1315 square feet. The room and board costs for a studio will start around $2000-$2500; a one bedroom around $2500-$3500; and a two bedroom in the $3000-$5000 per month area. These costs do not include the care costs.

Choice Connections will help you sort through the options so that you find the right fit for you. We help you take into account your financial situation, your care needs and the amenities you would like to find. We can also connect you with companies that can help you with downsizing and moving your treasures. Give us a call!



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