Senior Housing and Mental Health

By Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA

Mental Health Senior Living Housing Options Twin Cities MNLast week-end I attended the Nami MN Gala.  Support for mental health is growing.  There is a focus to diagnosis early as we know that 75% of mental health issues begin between the ages of 14-24.  And we also know that with an early diagnosis people today can live much more successful lives.     Yet, there are many older adults with a mental health condition, often that they have lived with all their lives.   And, they may never have “officially” been diagnosed.  Depression in the elderly is real and it is NOT a normal part of aging.   That coupled with dementia can be a difficult road to travel.

The National  Institute of Mental Health has information about symptoms with older adults that may signal a mental health condition

If you have a loved one that is depressed or has a mental health condition and you are looking at senior living options these are a few things to ask:

  • Do you have a psychiatrist that comes to your building as part of your physician services?
  • Has your community had much experience with older adults with a mental illness?  Bi Polar etc Have you been successful at keeping them here?
  • Have your care staff received any training about depression in the elderly or mental illness in general? What about your Director of Wellness or RNs/LPNs on staff, what is their experience with mental illness?
  • Do you have a social worker on staff that can assist you with finding necessary supports for my loved one with a mental illness?

If you have an elderly loved one with a mental illness and are looking for placement, we are happy to help you in your search.



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