Never Too Old To Change

By Chris and Laurie Kemp, CSAs

Never Too Old To Change Elderly Senior Citizens Diet Healthy Tips Twin Cities MNWe have passed 60 and have pretty well established habits. Change is something we like to encourage others to do, but of course we don’t want to change ourselves. But something must have been in the air this Spring. After hearing that some friends had been on something called the Whole30 Meal Program, we decided to take a look at it. We are not sure why, as we felt no driving need to change anything.  For some reason, we decided to just do it.

The basics were that for 30 days we would reset our system by eliminating: dairy, grains, sugar and alcohol from everything we eat. This meant looking at all the ingredients of anything we purchased to make sure none of these items were there. It also meant finding recipes and full dinners that did not call for these ingredients. This part of the task was made easier by a pretty good website the program has. After the 30 days you start reintroducing the banned items and see how they make you feel or you can continue to leave some or all of them out of your diet.

Did 30 Days Of This Change Our Habits?

So far the answer is YES! While shopping and meal preparation is a bit more time consuming, we found the meals we made to be just as good. We have increased our use of fresh herbs and vegetables. When we want a snack it is more likely to be fresh fruit than cheese and crackers. Also Chris has learned to cook things in the kitchen not just on the grill.

While we did not begin this experiment with any specific outcomes in mind we have noticed some other benefits. We find that we are sleeping better, have more energy, fewer aches and pains and maybe our clothes fit just a little more loosely. But most of all we enjoyed the fact that we could, in fact, stick to the program for a month and make some changes for the better.



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