Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading Through the Wilderness of Alzheimer’s Twin Cities MN Through the Wilderness of Alzheimer’s By: Robert Simpson, Anne Simpson Nearly four million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease, a debilitating neurological disorder affecting the memory that places great stress on the sufferer as well as the caregivers. Robert and Anne Simpson share the story of Bob’s early onset of Alzheimer’s in order to give families accurate, […] Continue reading →

Senior Housing General Tips

Senior Housing General Tips From the “Questions to Ask” series at Deciding where to live as one ages, presents new challenges for many seniors. Anticipating and planning for this stage of life is difficult because how well we will age and how long we will live is unpredictable. Average life expectancy is lengthening, increasing the potential […] Continue reading →

Parkinson’s Drug in Pipeline

Parkinson's Disease Information Seniors Twin Cities MN New Report on Parkinson’s Drug in Pipeline A new report released by Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) outlines 37 new Parkinson’s disease drugs either in clinical trials or awaiting review by the Food and Drug Administration. According to the report, several of the 37 medications are “disease modifying therapies focused on protecting the […] Continue reading →

Coping With Caregiver Burnout

Senior Housing Caregiver Information Twin Cities MN How to Cope With Caregiver Burnout By Claudia Fine Caring for someone can take a lot out of you — physically, mentally and emotionally — but it doesn’t have to cause caregiver burnout. Learn more about the warning signs of caregiver burnout, and find out how to handle caregiver-related stress. A Portrait of the Burned–Out Caregiver  Your parent, spouse or friend […] Continue reading →

Recommended Reading

Elderly Health Care Dealing With Depression Twin Cities MN The Chemistry of Joy, by Henry Emmons, MD The classic book that New York Times bestselling author Dr. Larry Dossey called “a valuable guide for anyone wishing to find greater exuberance and fulfillment in their life,” The Chemistry of Joy offers a unique blend of Western science and Eastern philosophy to show you how to treat depression more naturally […] Continue reading →

Senior Tour of Homes

Tour Senior Memory Care Housing Facilities St Paul Twin Cities MN Senior Tour of Homes Click here to see locations and dates. Call 651-261-5379 for more information. Choice Connections advocates for seniors to have independence and control  in their home choice as they age. Because of that each spring and fall we hold various Senior Tour of Homes throughout the Twin Cities. The Senior Tour includes […] Continue reading →

March is Social Worker Month

Elder Care Social Worker Information Twin Cities MN March is Social Worker Month “All People Matter” is the theme that The National Association of Social Workers is promoting for March which is Social Workers month. The American social work profession has a history of 116-years committed to improving social conditions and quality of life opportunities for everyone.  Social workers across the globe believe […] Continue reading →

Common Vitamin Deficiencies in Seniors

Elder Care Housing Choices Twin Cities MN Common Vitamin Deficiencies in Seniors written by Valerie Michel Buck It’s a common fact that most American do not eat a well balance diet and that fact is ever more widespread in seniors. Mild vitamin deficiencies are common amongst senior and can cause Anemia, cognitive impairment, and increased propensity for developing infections, and poor wound healing […] Continue reading →

Recommended Reading: How We Age

Recommended Reading from Choice Connections of MN How We Age: A Doctor’s Journey into the Heart of Growing Old by Marc Agronin A young doctor’s reflections on his experiences as a nursing-home psychiatrist—and the remarkable stories of vitality, connection, and growth that transformed his view of aging In the tradition of Atul Gawande and Sherwin […] Continue reading →