Become an Artist: It’s Never Too Late!

Art Activities for Elderly Senior Citizens Twin Cities MN By Chris and Laurie Kemp, CSAs <a href=" cheap Generic nolvadex.jpg” class=”gallery_colorbox” rel=”attachment wp-att-1244″>Finding your creative self if you’re in your 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s is not only fun it can improve your health. Many people have always wanted to try to draw or write or even act. Some people may have done it […] Continue reading →

A Respite Vacation

Respite Vacation Stays Information Twin Cities MN By Chris and Laurie Kemp, CSAs The approaching summer brings thoughts of vacations. If you are providing care for a spouse, a parent or other loved one, the desire for a vacation from your daily tasks may be very strong, but figuring out how to do it may seem insurmountable. One solution may be to […] Continue reading →

Recommended Reading

We Know How This Ends Book Twin Cities MN We Know How This Ends: Living While Dying By Bruce H. Kramer with Cathy Wurzer My current in process reading includes this book. I heard Cathy Wurzer and Bruce Kramer’s widow, Ev Emerson speak about it at the Recent St. Paul Senior Worker’s Spring Conference. In 2010, Bruce Kramer was diagnosed with ALS. He was […] Continue reading →

Recommended Reading

Grandpa's Got De-Men-Cha Dementia Book Rebecca Youngmark Grandpa’s Got De-men-cha  by Rebecca Youngmark This book was written by a client who has done her homework regarding housing options should she need them in the future for her husband. This interactive book is designed for family members to use with children.  It is illustrated so that a child can color the pages as […] Continue reading →