Pets Bring a Lot of Joy to Seniors

Free Senior Elderly Alzheimer's Care Facilities Placement Referral Services Twin Cities MNBy Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA

Are you a dog lover or are you more of a cat person? Or maybe you aren’t that fond of either. For years I’ve thought a pet would be good for my mother. She always said animals belong outside, but now she really finds a pet to be good company.

Pet Therapy is becoming common in hospitals and with hospice and pets are becoming more accepted in senior living buildings. Why? Because studies show that pets do cause positive benefits. Many studies have been done to confirm this. There are physical benefits like improved heart rate and blood pressure even during times of stress. There are the emotional benefits of socially being connected which reduces loneliness, and the positive benefits of caring for a pet too which helps improve self-esteem. And if you are walking a dog there of course are the fitness benefits to health. Huffington Post recently wrote an article with references to studies as well as suggestions for locating a pet. Click here for more information



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