Planning for Senior Housing In Case You Need It

By Chris and Laurie Kemp, CSAs

Planning for Senior Housing Twin Cities MNMost people want to age in place as long as they can. There are family members, services and technologies that can help you do that. However, everyone needs to think about what their ‘Plan B’ might be, if they can no longer age in place. Why might that happen?

  • Your family caregiver may no longer be able to do the necessary tasks, due to time or skill issues.
  • Your funds to pay for help may be running out.
  • It may not be safe to continue to stay there due to steps, bathroom set-up, concerns about wandering out in the winter or other issues.
  • Becoming isolated and depressed can also be a reason it is not working

To stay in control, you should create your own ‘Plan B’. That includes understanding how long your funds might last if you were bringing in home care. Learn what it might cost to go to an assisted living. Understand how the state program called Elderly Waivers works. If you have a long-term care policy, study up on what it covers and for how long. Understand the various types of senior living that exist in your area. Have an understanding of when it might be appropriate to consider moving.

Choice Connections can guide you through the process of creating your ‘Plan B’. We can help you think through the resources that can help you age in place and we can help figure out when the right time to consider a move might be. Best of all, we can help you sort through the hundreds of assisted living and memory care communities and narrow down that list to the three or four that best fit your unique situation. Give us a call and we will help you through the process.



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