Mental Health Education and Gift Giving Event

By Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA

Science Museum of Minnesota Mental Health Education Twin Cities MNAt this time of year, we are thinking of special gifts we can give to those we love. And we are also thinking of those less fortunate so we put a dollar or two in the Salvation Army bucket when we see one and decide what charities we are still wanting to support.   Have you thought about those that are dealing with brain issues that result in a hospitalization in a behavioral health unit over the holidays?   Not only are more and more older adults having challenging dementia, there are many of all ages dealing with a mind or mental health issue.

An idea for a gift for those you love are tickets to the Science Museum.  Until Jan. 6, there is a special exhibit called, Mind Matters.   Here’s a link for more information about the exhibit.  Education is so important, and we need to talk more about brain issues.

Education & Holiday Service Event

If you would like to join me and a group attending the Science Museum on Dec 15, I am personally sponsoring a Thrivent Action Team.  This includes reduced tickets to the museum to see the exhibit and financial help with buying and collecting gifts.  NAMI MN will be delivering these gifts collected to those in institutions a few days before Christmas.   To sign up or for more information go to my Facebook Page.   Please share the event and help me get the word out!

Suggested items to donate: journals (no wire bound), games, cards, Sudoku, Word Find books, novels, devotion books, coloring books, colored markers or pencils.   Please pray for those dealing with mental health issues and their families.   If you would like me to pick up a donated item please email, call or text me.  I’m happy to do so!



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