Three Steps to Creating Your Plan B… In Case Staying in Your Home is Not an Option

Senior Citizens Elder Care Options Alternatives Twin Cities MNBy Chris and Laurie Kemp, CSAs

We talk to many clients who our aging in their home, but can foresee a time when they might not be able to do that. We strongly encourage creating a Plan B with our senior clients and when working with worried adult children of older adults.

How Do You Create A Plan B?  There are three main parts to creating your Plan B.

  1. Assessing the current and future care needs and ability to meet them
  2. Understanding all of the senior housing options that might meet those needs
  3. Visiting some options that would meet those needs and getting on a couple of wait lists

It is hard to predict what might cause the need to implement a Plan B. But most frequently it is an unexpected change in the health of the family member; the loss of the services of a key caregiver or a change in the ability to pay for in home care services that are needed. Since none of these are predictable, having a Plan B makes it easier if a crisis arises.

Choice Connections can help you work through these steps to create your Plan B. If a crisis arises we are also here to help you implement it. Imagine this scenario:

You meet with Choice Connections to create your plan. We help you think through current and potential future needs. We help you understand the various types of senior housing and discuss which might be the best types for you to visit. We set up and tour three communities. At that point you can decide if you would like to be on a wait list or two. The reason to be on wait lists is that you do not know when or if you will need it. If the time comes when you do need it, you call Choice Connections. We can then call any communities where you are on their wait list to check on availability. If none of them have availability, we will make the calls to find out who does have an opening that matches your criteria.

In the midst of this family crisis, Choice Connections is able to help you implement your Plan B and adjust it for anything unexpected. We let you keep most of your focus on your loved one, while we do the legwork. In times of crisis, delegating some of the to dos goes a long way in relieving stress.



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