New Ipad or iPhone? Here Are Applications You Might Like

Senior Citizens Technology iPhone iPad Apps Twin Cities MNBy Laurie and Chris Kemp, CSAs

We are an iPad and iPhone family, so we are always on the lookout for useful and fun applications. Below is a list of apps that may be useful or fun. The ones with an * are apps that we have used. The others are ones that sound interesting and we may use down the road.

* WebMD (Free) – this is a one-stop place for trusted health information

Pillboxie ($1.99) – Simple tool to help remember to take your medications at the right time.

Dragon Dictation (Free) – This app puts your voice to text. You can then send it in an email, post it on Facebook or cut and past it into something else. It is very user friendly.

* Skype (Free) – This is a free voice and video calling system. It is a great way to keep in touch with distant family and friends.

* The Weather Channel (Free) – This is the app we rely on for weather. The “Forecast” feature gives you an hour by hour weather for today and tomorrow. You can track the weather in several cities and change them as often as you like.

Magnifying Glass with Light (Free) – This is a great app for reading menus in dimly lit restaurants.

* iBooks and * Kindle for iPad (Free) – While both these apps are free, you have to buy the books that you want to read on them. They are great for when you are traveling as you can take many books with you.

Red Panic Button (Free or $2.99) – the free features will send an SMS message and/or email to whomever you designate. You can purchase additional functionality within the app.

Quickgets Park (Free) – Need help remembering where you parked your car? This app lets you set where it is and gives you directions back to it. We are going to see if it will help us get back to our hotel on our next trip.

Other apps on our iPads: MyRadar, Star Walk, Pandora, TED, Netflix, Opentable, Majong Games and Sudoku. If you have a favorite let us know.



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