Senior Housing – Independent Living, Get on a Wait List or Two

By Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA

Senior Housing Independent Living Wait List Twin Cities MNThere are more and more senior living options being built around the metro. You would think there should be openings, right? Typically, when a new building opens, and if it is a continuum of care, independent living, assisted living and memory care being the most common, the independent living portion fills very quickly. There is more demand for independent living than supply. It is typically the 2-bedroom units that go first. As people downsize from a house they look for the larger square footage apartments.

For existing buildings, the wait list for a 2 bedroom could be years. Recently a building in St Louis Park told me they had 160 on their wait list and for a 1 or 2-bedroom independent living it was at a minimum a year and up to 2 years. I also know of independent buildings that are 2-4 years in more desirable locations like next to the YMCA or library or access to stores/parks. There are also new buildings that have availability if you are flexible on location.

Wait lists are different at different sites. Ask how each building works their list? What if you say no once when they call? Do you stay where you were on the list or go to the bottom? What about the second time they call? Is there a fee to wait list? Do you get the whole amount returned if you change your mind?

Finding the right building takes time and it could be a wait. If you want help in navigating the senior living landscape. Give Choice Connections a call.



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