Have a “Plan B” Just in Case a Move to Assisted Living is Needed

Senior Housing Assistance Living Plans Twin Cities MNMy mom is 85 and wants to live in her home as long as she is able.  We’ve talked about different scenarios of what could happen and prohibit her from staying there.  She has voiced  that a residential home  she has visited would be preferred to a nursing home.  She lives nearly 600 miles from me and really doesn’t want to move so far from where she’s lived all her life. I can understand how she feels and I respect her choice.  Having an ongoing conversation about what she would prefer is helping her create a plan.

A client I met with today is strongly being encouraged by her children to move to another state to be near all her kids.   In discussing having a ‘Plan B” with her, I emphasized that this gives her control and choice  as to what she would prefer if she were not able to stay by herself at home.   That doesn’t mean that she is willing to move, yet she has taken a step in thinking about a plan for her future.



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