Senior Tour of Homes

By Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA

After 10 years of conducting two to four Senior Tour of Homes events each year I find participants always say it  was an experience well worth their time.   The most common feedback is they ‘appreciated seeing the variety of options.’    They are often shocked at how much it costs for long term care and therefore see the value of aging wising.  Hopefully they learn that it is wise to have a plan B if they can’t stay in their home through end of life.

Today there are so many choices, much more than a decade ago.  People are pleased to understand the various options, see different size units in senior living and experience what these communities are like.

Here are some comments on what they liked  the most recent tour of homes:

  • Variety of options
  • Information given on other issues like preventing falls
  • Lunch
  • Experiencing senior living

With one of the Fall 2019 tours completed, I’m looking forward to the October 10th tour in Dakota County.  It will be a fund day educating the participants  on options and helping them  have a Plan B for where they live as they age and to help then age wisely!



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