Respite Stay at Assisted Living Has Benefits

Seniors Elederly Respite Care Services Twin Cities MNThere are many assisted living communities today that have an apartment that is furnished.  A “respite” stay is often 2 weeks to  2 months in length and is typically billed as a daily rate.    There are two ways that I have seen clients benefit from respite stays.   First, if there is a sickness or injury and care is needed but not at the level of a care center.  For example, one client had a fall and severely broke her ankle.  She could not go back to her home with stairs and a 6 week stay in an independent living building was just perfect for her.   She had an accessible apartment for her wheelchair and crutches and access to meals and other help until she was recovered enough to return home.

A second way that a respite stay is beneficial is when a senior is considering a move but wants to see what it’s really like before physically moving all their belongings.   Sometimes, I’ve advised adult children that are concerned for their parents safety  to suggest a respite stay at the community that they feel is best.    That way they have a trial period before they make the final decision.

I ALWAYs have seniors tell me that they only wish they would have moved sooner.  I’m quite confident that once they are in the new community, without the responsibilities that come with a home and the services that make life a little more carefree they will make it their permanent home.



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