Seven Vital Life Review Tasks

By Laurie and Chris Kemp, CSAs

At the turn of the millennium Chris’ father (78) wrote a letter to all of his grandchildren. In it he passed on some of what he had learned throughout his life. Nine years later at the end of his life he was able to have a conversation with each of his 7 living children before he passed away peacefully.

Dr. VJ Periyakoil, director of the Stanford Palliative Care Education & Training Program wrote recently “Over the last 15 years, as a geriatrics and palliative care doctor, I have had candid conversations with countless patients near the end of their lives. The most common emotion they express is regret.” Those regrets included failure to mend relationships; not expressing their love and care or how important someone was to them.

As a result of his findings, Dr. Periyakoil founded the Stanford Letter Project. It was created to encourage everyone to complete seven life review tasks and give them a simple way to do it nolvadex online canada. Those seven tasks are:

Task 1: Acknowledge the important people in your life

Task 2: Remember treasured moments from your life

Task 3: Apologize to those you love if you hurt them

Task 4: Forgive those who love you if they have hurt you

Task 5: Express your gratitude for all the love and care you have received

Task 6: Tell your friends and family how much you love them

Task 7: Take a moment to say “goodbye”

They put all seven tasks into one “Dear Friends and Family” letter template and put it online here. It creates a draft letter for you to review. You can save it, update it and change it over time if you like. Whether you act on some of what you write or save it all to be delivered after you are gone, it will help keep your regrets to a minimum.




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