Touring Senior Living During the Holidays

By Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA

Touring Senior Living Facilities During the Holidays Twin Cities MNIt’s a busy time of year, why would you think about touring senior living options at this time when you are already so busy.   Because if you have aging parents, the holidays are a good time to observe how your loved ones are doing and to discuss future plans when things are going well.  Too often, this conversation happens when there is a crisis.   And touring senior communities this time of year can be fun.    So why tour in December?

  1. Family is together, and you can all experience seeing senior living at the same time.
  2. Communities are decorated and are having festive activities and food. Check out to see if they have activities listed on their website and schedule a tour during, before or after one of these activities or call to participate in the activity as part of the tour.
  3. Residents will be out of their rooms to participate in the events, so you can talk to them about living at their community and get the “real” scoop.
  4. Get a free meal, communities are typically very willing to have you stay for lunch.
  5. It can be a lot of fun.

If you need help putting plans together to visit communities during December, call us, we are always happy to help set up tours as we know the right people in the communities to reach out to even when there’s little time to prepare for a visit.    Happy Holidays!



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