Transportation Options for Seniors

By Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA

Transportation Options for Elderly Senior Citizens Twin Cities MNFor as many years as I have been in business, senior professionals have wished there were more options for seniors to get around when they no longer are safe or able to drive. Still today however when you go to which is a MN resource for all kinds of resources for seniors, there are very limited options. If you are on Medical Assistance and a Waiver program, there are more options than in the past but that doesn’t apply to the majority of those looking for help getting around. \
The more common options are Metro Mobility. Darts is able to quote a ride for you in Dakota County and some home care companies are an option. If you prefer or need assistance in going to a doctor appointment, or would like an extra set of ears in the appointment using a home care agency might be the best option. Today there are many more options for home care than five or ten years ago.

Uber and Lyft which are fairly new to the scene provide an option that more seniors are using. The downside to these is that a mobile phone is required. Seniors without this option may still need to call a cab for a similar service. If you are able to share a ride with others this option becomes cheaper when you use Lyft as they will pick up others on your route to share the cost. With Lyft, their mission is to engage more with customers thus you are welcome to sit in the front sit. Uber the large company of the two, does not encourage driver passenger conversation thus people sit in the back. Uber provides more choice in car options if that’s that’s important to you. However, if you need to cancel it’s a $10 fee with Lyft or a $5 fee for Uber. For seniors who may have good and bad days the cancellation fee is something to consider. Pricing seems to be similar although in high traffic times Uber’s cost will increase more than Lyft. When I priced a typical 30 minute drive from my location to Regions Hospital it was in the $17-$25 range with both Uber and Lyft. When traffic is high, a higher fee will result. They will give you a quote when you request a ride. Because you set up an account, you add your form of payment, credit card, debit card etc and that is charged after your ride.



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