Adult Day: An Option Before Memory Care Placement?

By Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA 

Veterans Adult Day Information Twin Cities MNAs a placement and referral advisor, I’ve worked with many caregivers who want to keep their loved one home as long as possible.    Home is where the person is most comfortable, and it typically is the least expensive option.

Yet, for a variety of factors, home may not be the best option as a loved one declines and needs more and more cueing and structure and support in their day.    Spouses and caregivers need a break from always being on duty 24/7.       Adult day can be a great option to improve the environment for someone with memory loss and to give a caregiver a break without breaking the bank.

Here are some things to know about Adult Day:

    • The cost is typically less than $90 a day and if a half day is all you want that is an option too for even less than you may pay for 3 hours of home care.
    • Days are flexible, you pick the day(s) you’d like.
    • If you’ve been using home care, you know sometimes a caregiver doesn’t show up and you are stuck. With adult day, there will always be caregivers working.
    • Adult days will have a maximum number of people they can take for a day. Ask what it is for the adult day you are inquiring with. Does it matter if there are 13 or 23? What is the population attending, gender, age, level of disease progression.  What is the number of caregivers each day.
    • What is their activity program? Do they offer music therapy and how often? Pet Therapy?  Do they go for walks?  Do they have activities important to your loved one?
    • Are they able to help with a shower/bath while your loved one is there? Many adult days can do this.
    • What is their policy if your loved one is unable to come?
    • Do they assist with transportation?

For more information about adult day give Choice Connections a call.  We can direct you to options that may be best for you depending on your location.



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